Information overload?

The more conversations that i have with others, the more evident it becomes that one of the hardest aspects of this season to cope with is the amount, range, often contradictory nature, and repetition of the vast amounts of information we are being bombarded with every day.

One of the massive advantages that we have in our generation is the ease with which we can access information from across the world.. provided that is that we know how.

I thought today I would simply introduce a site that I have often made use of when I need statistics for the UK or overseas. It has a very good reputation with information from the site being used by the United Nations through to the UK government and the Financial Times. It has a whole massive section dedicated to the Coronavirus which is constantly updated.

What I find particularly helpful is firstly that it offers no opinions, no advice, no judgments, it simply reports factual statistics from which you can draw your own conclusions using your renewed mind. And secondly that it has information on countries across the world (215 countries) so you can find as much info about Malawi for example as you can about USA or the UK (it is of course totally dependent upon the provision and accuracy of the information coming out of each country).

When we rightly have so much to complain about the Internet and the materials on it, how good to find sites that are dedicated to simply showing us what is happening in our world today.

For anyone is interested (and this is a very helpful resource for intelligent prayer) here is the URL of the site:

and here are the URLs of the pages on Coronavirus in the UK, Malawi, PNG, and India (where the missionaries and nationals we support work) for any who aren’t too good at navigating sites:





May God bless you as you seek to pray intelligently for these lands, its peoples, and those we know personally who live/work there.

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